DAY XXI - Night Sky

Night Sky

that night wrote some lines again
watched own hands as strangers
growed myself on your bed
asked where why how when did i get there

deathline paradise
last call treasure
you finally found

that night was not enough
to reset the too much i had lived

DAY XXI - Crystal Sky

Crystal Sky

that day met them in a huge crystal pile

saw the sea but there was no shore
bungee jumping on high heels escapism

rara avis in danger of extinction man
carries a whole universe on his back
day stares and night builds tons of sand 

last wednesday nobody noticed 
when he covered luck with coral
lightening ruminations in the dark 

that entire whole day to feel i am not metallic 
just wood stone and decomposing palm trees 

DAY XX - Call Sky

Call Sky

that day did not even start
went to the doctor
cooked with no hunger
little knees are old

no reason to be sad
instead i ride my bike
remember you dancing
do not use the sofa anymore

that day the phone called you
just to hear your voice
you sound nice and hang up  

DAY XIX - Cat Sky

Cat Sky

that day worked with huge beautiful trees
while caged by peoples' strange energy
artist told me to keep my muscle alive

then remembered my parents' cats
almost died like 50 times
so really lived a 100 years life

just like this crossed path of mine
may be able to live endlessly
in everyone i bump into someday

good reason to throw away all blankets
put my socks on
travel long muscles strong

DAY XVIII - Ravishing Sky

Ravishing Sky

that day the bemused taught me we live just once
bluesman missed someone while concert
smile with the bruising notes if you can

he sang to you but you did not notice
he said you tend me a rope in slow motion
singing i am hooked at the hardest hill

final phrase would say i am herculean
crystal weep eyes make ravishing mountain tops
now applause if you can

DAY XVII - Dance Sky

 Dance Sky

that day had a shower on the bath
googled how not to miss someone
read not to remember anything
like lobotomize

dancing on the bed
in the bathtub
living room contemporary dance
daft punk robot pas à deux

prefer not to dissolve past between plastic
maybe keeping it it gets started again
in fact
i really know how to do it

DAY XVI - Push Sky

Push Sky

this day i was shocked while sleeping
by touching something next to me

pushed it before a heart explosion
poor heart he thought you were there

knee apologized for feeling just plastic
still i wonder is this the bed or still the cot

DAY XV - New Year Sky

New Year Sky

that day we had that long bath together
sang weird songs on the radio

looked in the eyes
and said without saying
it was meaningless crossing 2013
but determination-mode is on from now

dried at once
that elephant is walking hard

DAY XIV - Long Bath Sky

Long Bath Sky

that day he grabbed me from behind
threw me up far away
out of the water
i emerged from the long bath
breathing carefully
baby-opened eyes

smiled, new
without knowing
a long journey to dry up myself

DAY XIII - Game Sky

Game Sky
that day i remembered
when in autumn
we went up there
scared by the wind
but laughing crazy

we had that innocence
to believe there is
no danger no pain
no need of choosing
just keep going round

that day i played
ask myself
about colors
smoked again
to see if i am older

but i'm not

DAY XII - Normal Sky

Normal Sky
this day everything in the picture was normal
composition colors quality and elements
assumed to be an error just before
i complain for the sea falling into the floor

this day was captured when the time stopped
too early to think to do to care to carry on
hours added in wrong binary mountains
revealing the crudity of the limited human being

that day we did not understand anything
but we did stand everything
time takes and gives
being patient makes no sense

DAY XI - Soon Forgotten Sky

Soon Forgotten Sky
this day i started during the match
and ate olives from our tree as always
reconnect myself after huge night
literally lost hair in that elevator
he loved ice cream before he said

how comes that you did not say
what i wanted to hear
just in case you sound desperate
to make this horizontal day sheltered
and provoke i did not learn nothing at all

DAY X - Newborn Sky

Newborn Sky
that day was a carrier bag overflowing
between arguing on the phone
someone said that's what my work is
and their innocent floater to keep dancing

an old man crossed the street intubated
slowly with no price for the sell
samurai course online to face adult life
poet said there's a God of time

this day nobody wants this train seat
next to the old unclean poor man
newborn tangerines appear in the city
some good news to travel back

DAY IX - Choice Sky

Choice Sky

that day flowers flew surrendering
wild plants took their place
in our house and in the forest
another kind of filtering air

this day choosing to run or to breathe
did not make the difference
not seeing plants
neither trees

in a world made by those lips
those hairy hands with maps ahead
the circus spine of those words
the ones who after all take my choice

DAY VIII - Back Sky

Back Sky

that day i returned
came back from myself
from the disease
the retirement
the lack of need
the hidden words

opened the window 
clear sky after all 
and got lost again 

to return 
that way